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2016 Rio Olympics Men’s Football: Neymar fields first goal to advance Brazil into semifinals round

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Brazil recently won over Colombia in the 2016 Rio Olympics Men’s football tournament. This happened in the quarterfinals match of the competition.

The Brazilians won 2 goals to nil against the Colombians. This win could be attributed to the heroics of Neymar. The Brazil forward has now scored his first goal in the Rio Olympics.

Neymar willed his country to the victory in this 2016 Rio Olympics Men’s football game by scoring an early goal in the first half of the match. This is courtesy of a free-kick that goes inside the net that he delivered in the 12th minute.

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However, the match becomes more intense after the goal was scored. It first started when Neymar committed a hard foul on Colombia’s forward Andres Roa before the end of the half. After the incident, this sparked a short brawl between the two countries. Neymar got a yellow card from the foul he made, while Colombia achieved three yellow cards in the process.

The earlier incident did not matter as Brazil continued its dominance in the second half of the game. This is because they scored another one courtesy of forward Luan’s goal at the 83rd minute.

Colombia had a total of six yellow cards in this 2016 Rio Olympics Men’s football game, while Brazil only had one.

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The Brazilians did not fare well in the group stage of the Men’s football competition. This is because they only got one win in their bracket Their other two games, both resulted in a draw in their 2016 Rio Olympics Men’s football campaign.

Brazil will now face Honduras in the semifinals round of the Rio Olympics Men’s football tourney. Honduras advances into the semifinals round by beating a talented South Korean team. The Koreans are defeated by the Hondurans by a score of 0-1. The lone goal was scored by Honduras’ forward Alberth Elis at the 59th minute of the game.

Brazil and Honduras are scheduled to meet on August 18 CST time.

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