2016 Rio Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony spoilers, Gisele Bundchen, Pele, Judi Dench

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Photo courtesy: Shawn Carpenter/Flickr.com
Are the athletes safe?

The Olympics links thousands of athletes from around the world. On Friday, it will be the first time that the foremost sporting event takes place in a South American country. For Brazil, the 2016 Rio Olympics is the perfect time and place to showcase its history and culture.

While the best athletes all over the globe converge to compete, the main objective of the event is to achieve unity.

The Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius stand for “Faster, Higher, Stronger” but there are leaked stories that the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics will also be the sexiest ever.

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Despite requests to keep details of the ceremony a secret, some spectators still ended up sharing vital information, and rumors say that there will be around 6,000 barely clothed women dancing the samba, but that is just the beginning.

There have been unverified reports that Gisele Bundchen, who announced her retirement last year, will strut into the Maracana Stadium to the music of Brazilian musician Paolo Jobim.

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It’s going to be filled with music, light effects, and 3D projections to retrace the history of Brazil from its tribes up to present in what is described as a reinterpretation of the country.

Insiders reveal that Gisele Bundchen will be portrayed as if mugged by a kid, and the scene is followed by a police chase, but that it all ends well as the supermodel and the boy embrace. It is said to be an interpretation of the triumph of good vs evil.

The main focus of the program is peace for all.

“We will have a moment in which we will show…the Brazilian way of receiving people. The second is the ‘Garden’. Brazil lives on the largest green reserve in the world and this is an important issue for us.” According to a report by the IBTimes.

It is also rumored that Brazilian football legend, Pele may light the Olympic flame to signify the opening of the games, and that actresses Judi Dench and Fernanda Montenegro will participate by reading a poem.

Photo courtesy: Shawn Carpenter/Flickr

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