2016 Rio Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics: Raging hormones, 2nd boxer arrested for sexual assault

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Photo courtesy: Shawn Carpenter/Flickr.com
Are the athletes safe?

The 2016 Rio Olympics is not only the first to be held in South America, but is also described by many to be the sexiest. After all, Brazil is known to celebrate the female body arguably more than any other country in the world.

It seems the 2016 Rio Olympics’ sexy reference is quite contagious too.

Apart from Gisele Bundchen and the participation of barely clad dancers in the opening ceremony, Mashable reports Team Great Britain athletes posed naked in celebration of their bodies to help them achieve their goals.

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Unfortunately, for some, the sexiest Olympics may have given them wrong ideas. And this has led to a crackdown on prostitutes in the Olympic Village and the raid of a children’s sex ring near the Olympic hub.

Police have also arrested two boxers over the span of a few days for allegedly attempting to rape housemaids in their quarters.

The first boxer detained was Moroccan boxer Hassan Saada. He fights at light heavyweight but was unable to participate after he was jailed for assaulting two housemaids.

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Reports said that Hassan Saada tried to lure the two women into his room in the pretense of having a selfie with them, but as soon as they came in he locked them up, fondled the thighs of one woman and grabbed the breasts of the other.

He tried to kiss them and offered the other to masturbate him.

On Sunday, Namibian team flag bearer Jonas Junias was also arrested after complaints that he assaulted a housekeeper at the athlete’s village.

Jonas Junias is a light welterweight boxer who’s scheduled to compete on Friday, but police say he may be turned over to Bangu prison if they get a habeas corpus order for his release.

The Sun reports Junias allegedly assaulted a Brazilian woman, tried to kiss her, and offered her money in exchange for sex, but the housekeeper was able to break free and ran away.

Photo courtesy: Shawn Carpenter/Flickr

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