2016 Rio Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics Updates: Competitors for aquatic events are in danger

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2016 Rio Olympics Updates: Competitors for aquatic events are in danger

Olympians who will be competing in aquatic events at the 2016 Rio Olympics are warned by experts to keep their mouths shut to save themselves from the diseases brought about by the polluted waters of Copacabana and Guanabara.

The two beaches will house marathon swimming and triathlon, as well as windsurfing and sailing respectively. However, scientists and environmentalists who have been studying these bodies of water emphasized that the delegated need to be extra careful. Why?

The water is so much more contaminated than they thought it would be, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

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According to reports from the Daily Mail, despite the efforts to clean it up, the bodies of water at hand continue to be filled with tons of plastics, broken furniture, and dead animals, among others.

There are even photos that show what seems to be a severed human arm and even a floating corpse.

One local doctor in Rio even claimed that the delegates who will compete at the marathon swimming event are in danger of “literally swimming in human crap.”

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Rio Olympics officials have already said that they are taking the necessary steps towards addressing the concerns. These issues do not only affect the conditions revolving around the competition. All these health risks can even make a delegate think twice about taking part.

The situation is both disgusting and terrifying. That is certain. And this puts the athletes in a very tough position. The question here is, will they be tough enough to brave the waters and still compete in spite of the serious and completely unnecessary health hazard?

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