2016 Rio Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics: WHO confirmed no Zika virus cases on people in the events

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently reported that there are still no confirmed cases of Zika virus among the people in 2016 Rio Olympics events.

The report was first announced by WHO in their Zika situation report website.

“From the reports WHO received from national health authorities, there have so far been no laboratory confirmed cases of Zika virus in spectators, athletes or anyone associated with the Olympics,” WHO said.

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The organization is still alert with regard to possible cases from the Olympics that may be reported in the future.

“The situation is being closely monitored; a few cases may still occur, especially given the approximately one-week incubation period of the virus,” WHO added.

Zika virus is a rare disease that emerged last year in Brazil. This virus came from a mosquito bite that usually affects the pregnant women. The child inside their womb might have deformities when he or she is born.

The WHO is still needed to closely monitor the situation in Brazil. This is because there was an outbreak there earlier.

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It is notable that before the start of the 2016 Rio Olympics, many athletes raised their concerns on possibly inflicting Zika virus in their bodies. Their concern did not materialize as there are currently no reported cases of the disease there.

This latest report from the World Health Organization is suggesting that the safety of anyone in Rio was under control since the start of the Summer Games there.

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