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Brazil leads day one of 2016 Rio Olympics: Women’s Handball results

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Thanks to a raucous home crowd, the Brazil eked out an upset over Norwayin the 2016 Rio Olympics women’s handball event. This was an improbable win by the Brazilians since Norway was heavily favored to win the gold medal

Brazil got off to a quick start because of their tight defense against Norway. They led by as many as five goals in the opening half. The Norwegians lost their poise as they were behind for the rest of the match.

Although at one point they were just behind by one, but they were not able to recover and get the lead against the Brazilians.

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The 2016 Rio Olympics women’s handball team of Brazil was top-scored by Ana Rodrigues, who sparked the first-half surge for her country. She had 12 goals in total.

Meanwhile, Nora Mark of Norway paced her team with her own 12 goals in the game.

It is worth noting that the 2016 Rio Olympics women’s handball team of Norway is going for their third consecutive gold medal. But they just lost their first game against Brazil which is not a good start for the country.

In the second match, France defeated Netherlands by the score of 18-14. The French team was led by the five goals apiece by Alexandra Lacrabere and Allison Pineau. The third match featured Russia beating South Korea with a score of 30-25. The Russians were paced by the six goals of Marina Sudokova.

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In the fourth match, Spain won over Montenegro with a score of 25-19. The Spanish team is led by the four goals of their four players apiece. Meanwhile, Romania bowed to Angola, 23-19. The Romanians are paced by the eight points of Cristina Neagu.

In the final match, the game turned out to be a rout in favor of the Swedish team. As the country thrashed Argentina with a score of 31-21. Sweden is led by the six points of Nathalie Hagman.

The next games of the women’s handball tournament will resume on August 8.

Photo courtesy: Armin Kuebelbeck/Wikimedia

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