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Bolt dances to his last Olympics; Sambas at press conference

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Bolt dances to his last Olympics

Usain Bolt ended months of speculation and announced Monday, that Rio 2016 will be his last Olympic appearance. During a hilariously entertaining press conference at Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic star made the announcement, answered questions, and… did the Samba. And while Bolt dances to his last Olympics, fans, sports analysts and fellow athletes, remember all the career milestones of one of the games’ most decorated track and field stars.

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“Yes, this is the last Olympics for sure,” Bolt said during the press conference. “I have done everything and have proven myself.”

As the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt has set countless records also earning him the title as most decorated sprinter of all time. He has won 15 Olympic and world championship gold medals, spanning several years of total domination on the field.

At Rio, Bolt will be competing in the men’s 100m and 200m and will also join the Jamaican team for the men’s 4x100m relay. With his well-known undeniable self-confidence, the runner exuded zero traces of self-doubt ahead of his events.

“The 100 (meter) is never stressful,” he said during the press conference. Bolt also emphasized his goal to keep the 200m race world record. “I really, really want it, I have always wanted it. It’s going to take sub-19 (seconds).” stated the runner, who currently has the record at 19.19 seconds.

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Bolt’s conference also set a record for worst reporter attempting to freestyle in honor of the athlete.

Despite not being as legendary as Bolt, the reporter (or fan) did make the press conference even more entertaining than it already was.

“I’m a sprinter first, but I like to entertain,” said Bolt. “It’s my personality, it’s what I do.”

Case in point, while Bolt dances to his last Olympics, we, the fans, are now left to ponder will track and field ever be the same?

Oh, and here’s the dance.

PHOTO COURTESY: Nick Webb/ Flickr

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