2016 Rio Olympics

ISIS posts threats to attack during Rio Olympics 2016; Officials guarantee a well-guarded Olympic venue

Few days before the 2016 Rio Olympics, the threats about possible terrorist attacks during the event continue to surface and the Brazil’s government are intensively working together with the American law enforcement and intelligence services to ensure everyone’s safety.

The American officials are training the Brazilian antiterrorism units to quickly identify possible threats and lessen potential disaster during Olympics games. Aside from the well-guarded Olympic venue, they are also assigned to secure soft targets such as restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping malls.

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“The Americans are playing a key role in homing in on areas that we need to examine,” said Rafael Brum Miron, a prosecutor in the southern city of Curitiba. “I don’t know how the F.B.I. got their intelligence, but it turned out to be a very valuable lead.”

The fear of terrorism has been a common issue before Olympics. However, the frequency of attacks around the world created more worries in the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics.

In the past weeks, there were reports saying that the Islamic State has been trying to translate their core into Portuguese. Also, they are currently looking for Portuguese speakers. Many people predicted this move of the Islamic State as their preparation to launch a terror attack during Olympic games.

According to New York Times, the Brazilians seemed to be inexperienced in dealing with attacks involving biological and radiological materials. With this, the United States are offering some training to Brazilians to be able to enhance the security during the Olympics.

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Despite the preparations, some American officials are worried about the government’s lack of seriousness in taking ISIS threats. Brazil is trying to avoid taking sides in foreign conflicts, especially with the Middle East.

However, a scholar of the Federal University of Paraiba, Marcos Ferreira, said that the changing nature of terror attacks all around the world made the government of Brazil changed their way of thinking. If the government continues their plan to fight terrorism, everyone can expect that the 2016 Rio Olympics will proceed safely.

Photo courtesy: Day Donaldson/Flickr.com

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