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Katherine Grainger assures Rio Olympics 2016 gold medal win in rowing; Will Partnership with Thornley succeed to win gold

Katherine Grainger assures Rio Olympics 2016 gold medal win
After announcing her retirement in London Olympics in 2012, Katherine Grainger decided to row again in Rio Olympics 2016 with new partner Vicky Thornley.

Katherine Grainger continues to row for the fifth time in Rio Olympics 2016 next week. She will partner with Vicky Thornley with double sculls in Lagoa Stadium in Brazil.

The 40-year-old Scot changes her decision on quitting  right after winning silver in London Olympics 2012. Prior to this year’s Olympics, her retirement is certain and well-thought of.

However, she shifted her decision this year as she wanted to continue her rowing journey in Rio Olympics 2016. Perhaps, her hopes on winning gold might be crystal clear.

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She earned the second place in both Athens and Beijing Olympics in 2004 and 2008 respectively. At that time, her attraction on the uniqueness of Rio Olympics 2016 changed her word. She later announced to represent Great Britain once again.

Grainger tells Express that the odd feeling she experienced in London made her feel like quitting. Perhaps, unable to take the gold medal in her own country feels like a drastic failure.

The same reason made her conclude to a sudden decision to retire. Yet, when she knew she’ll head to Rio de Janeiro, she suddenly realized she has to participate.

In fact, she requested to be with an eight-woman boat. However, Sir David Tanner, the British Rowing performance director, turned her down. He explained he will stick to the same crews years ago.

Consequently, Grainger left her former double sculls partner Anna Watkins and replaced her with Vicky Thornley for the next month’s Rio Olympics 2016 event months ago.

Weeks before the Rio Olympic grand opening, she cites that the training she needed to cope with the high demands of the Olympic games next week is high.

She says that being an Olympian, intense physical and mental state are expected especially weeks before the official opening of the games.

Together with her new rowing partner, Thornley, and their coach, Paul Thompson, Grainger cited that the three of them are working hard to foresee each problem anticipated next week.

At least, they will know how to get through every challenge in between the game. Total rowing speed is their goal for Rio.

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She expects to showcase their improve rowing speed with much focused and intensified competitive spirit and discipline from both of them, Daily Mail UK notes.

Saying these words appears Grainger is up to winning the Olympic gold medal this time. Perhaps, with her new asset and partner, her fifth attempt on bringing home the title from Rio Olympics 2016 is possible.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@teamsportsaid

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