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Less than meager accommodations in the Olympic Village, according to athletes

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Less than meager accommodations in the Olympic Village

Adding to the already endless laundry list of controversies surrounding the 2016 Rio Olympics, another issue is plaguing organizers as some athletes have been complaining about the meager accommodations in the Olympic Village.

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Arriving a few weeks before the beginning of the Games, the Australian delegation to the Olympics inspected the village and found unfinished facilities that pushed them to threaten staying in hotels rather than in one of the 31 buildings of the housing compound.

The $1.5B village, with tennis courts, football pitches and seven swimming pools will house close to 18,000 athletes and officials at the height of the games. It comes to no surprise why the Australians are questioning the facilities, noting blocked toilets, leaky pipes and exposed wires as just some of the concerns that initially made them refuse to move to the village.

Since inspection, the delegation has raised their complaints to the Argentine Olympic Committee, who swiftly acted to address these concerns. Rio 2016 spokesman Mario Andrada assured athletes that the village will be ready, with 630 people working round the clock to check and repair the facilities. As of posting, the Australian delegation has already cited the response of the Rio Committee, saying there has been “fantastic progress”, even deciding to move their athletes in by Wednesday.

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Despite this, work on the village is just about halfway done as only 19 of 31 buildings have passed safety tests. With only two weeks before the games, many are still worried about the less than meager accommodations in the Olympic Village. Close to ten percent of athletes have already arrived in Brazil, but they are still greeted by flooded floors, broken elevators and mold and holes in the ceiling.

Though some countries, like Great Britain and the United States, are displaying signs of satisfaction in the village, there is still much work to do before August 5.

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