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Michael Phelps completes probation for DUI, poised for stronger Olympic performance

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Photo courtesy: Jeff Cable/ Lexar

Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps completes his eighteen-month probation period after he was caught in 2014 for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol.  He was pulled over in Baltimore for speeding and crossing the double yellow line in the tunnel.

Michael Phelps has shown remorse after this incident, saying he has been a bad example to those who look up to him. His first DUI conviction was on 2004.  Prior to his second DUI arrest, he was in the middle of a controversy after a photograph showed him using a water pipe, which is used to smoke marijuana.

The most decorated Olympian of all time has apologized for his latest legal transgression.  To show his sincerity, he agreed to submit himself to treatment, upon the encouragement of his family and friends.  He also has completed his forty-five-day therapy at the Meadows in Arizona.

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It appears that Michael Phelps is back from rock bottom to become a better person. Bob Bowman, Phelp’s trainer, praises him for his renewed commitment to the sport and overall maturity.  He is training as hard as ever, and he is taking care of his body.

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Michael Phelps has the all-time record for Olympic gold medals (22), yet despite this record, he said that he never felt like he has maximized his abilities.  On 2014, Phelps came back from retirement and is now training for the Rio Olympics.  He promises to give it his best shot.  This will be the last time he will be participating in the Olympics.

He now looks leaner, stronger, and more muscular.  Bob Bowman says that Phelps has never missed a day in training since he’s been back and is training smarter now.  It’s frightening that he’s breaking his own records at this age, and even without his tech suit.

Phelps competed at the US National Championships in San Antonio and won 100-meter butterfly, 200-meter butterfly, and the 200-meter individual medley events.

He broke the fastest time in the world in all events, which he set in 2015.

Photo courtesy: Jeff Cable/ Lexar

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