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Michael Phelps retires after Rio Olympics 2016? Swimmers’ decision finally says, ‘No more’

Michael Phelps retires after Rio Olympics 2016
Most awarded American swimmer, Michael Phelps, confirmed his retirement after Rio Olympics 2016. He affirmed this will be his last Olympic game to compete.

After taking his retirement decision back in 2012, Michael Phelps confirmed his exit from the professional sports world after Rio Olympics 2016 for good.

During an interview, the most decorated American athlete in the history of Olympics affirmed that his decision of saying goodbye was real.

He didn’t have plans of taking that decision back to compete for another Olympic game. For him, being able to attend in Rio will be his final call to participate.

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He explained the reason behind his choice of rekindling his swimming passion. Phelps mentioned about his alcoholism which lead to drunken driving charges.

After competing with great athletes four years ago, he decided to have semi-retirement. Everyone thought he won’t be able to take part to the next Olympic game.

Yet, within that time, he delved on fixing his personal problems including treating his alcohol problem. He went to therapy, made peace with his estranged father and his then girlfriend.

The successive blessings poured in his life became his call to retire, Indian Express reported. Now that he’s engaged, a father to his son, Boomer, he shared that this is how he should end his swimming career.

For him, these were the missing parts of his life that he wanted to fix long ago amid his peak of success.

Since he’s already at peace, his final call for a global competition like Rio Olympics 2016 will be his last. “This is it … No more … I’m done … The body is done. This is my last one,” he said.

In the meantime, Michael Phelps expressed his frustration to the seven Russian swimmers barred from taking part in swimming events next week, LA Times noted.

He stated that there’s no such thing as a clean sport. In fact, he never played in a hundred per cent clean swimming event in his life.

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Phelps along with his head coach Bob Bowman expressed their concerns on fixing the damages the committee made through granting the Russian swimmers the permission to participate in Rio Olympics 2016.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@m_phelps00

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