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NFL Rumors: Michael Phelps, true Baltimore Ravens fan, hates the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Michael PhelpsPhoto courtesy: Bryan Allison/Wikimedia

Olympics swimming legend Michael Phelps is a true Baltimore Ravens fans and a “hater” of this NFL team’s heated rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In one of his recent press conferences at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil, the American swimmer called out a reporter for wearing a Steelers gear during the

“Is that a Steelers? Oh man. Golly. There we go, there’s some Ravens… man, Steelers… Football season is back,” A disgusted Phelps stated in the press conference captured by ESPN in an Instagram post.

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Michael Phelps went on to state that he loves seeing the Steelers lose to the Ravens, but respected that, both teams play hard when they face each other.

“I always think we’re going to beat Pittsburgh. That’s the obvious answer. But I think one of the cool things about that, we always play each other really hard, and as much as I’m not a Steelers fan, the games are really exciting and we get a lot of intense hits,” Phelps added.

It's safe to say Michael Phelps isn't a fan of the Steelers.

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Phelps’ “hate” for the Steelers comes from the fact that he was born in Baltimore, Maryland, same as where the Ravens are based.

Phelps is the most successful Olympian of all time with 23 gold medals and the most decorated athletes in the history of the games with 28 medals. The American also holds the record for most gold medals won in one Olympics, winning eight in Beijing 2008.

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The Ravens and Steelers rivalry is one of the most heated in the history of the NFL. Both belong to the AFC North division so they meet twice every regular season. The Steelers and Ravens have met 44 times in their all-time head-to-head meetings with Pittsburgh having the edge, 24-20.

Michael Phelps has the Ravens’ back against the Steelers in this NFL rivalry.

Photo courtesy: Bryan Allison/Wikimedia

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