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Rafael Nadal’s passion pushes him for 2016 Rio Olympics in spite of injuries

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Rafael Nadal (Photo courtesy: Valentina Alemanno/Wikimedia Commons)

While some athletes have decided to skip the 2016 Rio Olympics for reasons ranging from health issues, Zika virus, or lack of points offered (for tennis) Rafael Nadal is struggling to overcome injuries to participate.

Rafael Nadal believes the Olympics tournament should be the top motivator for any athlete who has the opportunity to compete. Lack of tennis points or gaining no point at all, even without financial compensation, he wants to be a part of it.

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So much that he will be travelling to Rio even as he struggles with his fitness. There is a real possibility he won’t be competing eventually due to lingering problems.

Rafael Nadal has missed the French Open due to a wrist injury, and was not able to participate in the Wimbledon. Spanish teammate David Ferrer describes his situation as “delicate,” according to SkySports.

Despite the fragile situation surrounding his injury, Rafael Nadal, who won the gold medal for Spain in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, is still aiming to make it. He has not competed since May, and has not trained well recently.

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“I will not be at the best level in any of the categories. I have not competed for two months and I have not trained a lot.” Nadal told journalists, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“I will train a few days here to see what I can do and then decide what is best, to be more positive for me and the team.” He said.

Rafael Nadal, a clay court specialist, is regarded as among the best tennis players in history. His evolution into being an all-court threat, and improvements in his serve has made him so formidable and successful, yet his aggressive style is slowly taking its toll.

His wrist injuries are due mainly to his heavy topspin groundstrokes executed with a semi western grip forehand.

Roger Federer will miss the Olympics too, due to a knee injury along with Milos Raonic who decided not to risk his family’s health with the Zika virus.

Photo courtesy: Valentina Alemanno/Wikimedia Commons

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