2016 Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics 2016: Andy Murray targets Novak Djokovic’s World No 1 after Wimbledon win

One of the highly anticipated tennis matches in the Rio Olympics 2016 is a potential finals clash between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. Yet, the most highlighted thing about the two rivals is whether Murray could prove he is worthy of the top spot in world rankings compared to the Serbian champion.

Andy Murray’s plan on stealing Novak Djokovic’s current top spot has becoming the most sought and the most talked tennis headline in the past few days. According to various sources, the British pro reportedly trained and prepared the hardest way with Ivan Lendl to crush the Serbian champion.

Daily Democrat News reported that this happened after he won his second Wimbledon title. He said that right after he received his second win, he felt more confident that he can get the World No. 1 title soon.

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There was also a change of goal and mission for Murray as well. He stated that instead of targeting an increase on the number of Grand Slams alone, he has to shift his focus on earning more winning points in total to gain the number one spot.

Currently, Murray is still around 5,000 points behind Novak Djokovic. Hence, he must strive hard to earn these points and go beyond it to surpass the Serbian. The first test on this will be the upcoming Rio Olympics 2016 where the pair are favored to meet in the gold medal match barring any upsets.


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Aside from the Olympic Games, Murray has to win more other major and minor tournaments to challenge Djokovic atop the rankings.

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