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Rio 2016: Michael Phelps’ aura of invincibility, wins 2 golds in over an hour

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Photo Courtesy: Bryan Allison/Wikipedia

Michael Phelps wasn’t supposed to be at the 2016 Rio Olympics, having retired after he competed in London in 2012. But the most decorated Olympian of all time wouldn’t bow out with a tinge of defeat after he lost to Chad le Clos of South Africa in the 200m-butterfly race four years ago.

Michael Phelps not only avenged his loss in the rematch against Chad le Clos, but he’s won his 20th and 21st gold medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics in just over an hour.

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Phelps signaled after his win over Chad le Clos that he was willing to take all comers, with both arms up in the air, staring in chilly glare. And that challenge would come in quickly as he anchored for the U.S. swimming team’s 4×200 freestyle relay with Conor Dwyer, Townley Haas and Ryan Lochte covering for the first three legs.

GB’s Stephen Milne, Duncan Scott, Dan Wallace and James Guy won the second place, taking the Silver medal behind the U.S.

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The U.S. lost to the silver medalists during the 2015 World Championships, but beats them with a wide margin this time by 2.47 seconds.

“What a fantastic 200m butterfly race. Michael Phelps was awesome. I thought they were going to catch him but he pulled it off. You can call him the greatest of all time now. He’s great. He’s invincible.” Adrian Moorhouse, the 1988 Olympic 100m breaststroke champion said, as reported by BBC.

The “Greatest” watched rival Chad le Clos shadowbox about and knocked him out as a great athlete would. It wasn’t even close. As he lifted his hands in the air, it was as if war chants filled the stadium, and he’s won another gold right after.

He surely seems to be invincible, as we look forward to his second showdown with Chad le Clos in the 100m-butterfly competition later this week.

Photo courtesy: Bryan Allison/Wikipedia

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