2016 Rio Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics: Which sports brand came out on top?

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Which sports brand came out on top
Which sports brand came out on top

The US has (again) emerged as the powerhouse of the recent Olympics, bringing home 121 medals all-in-all from Rio. But beneath all the events at Rio 2016 lay another tight race-a-race among sponsors. Now that the games are over, we ask the question-which sports brand came out on top?

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Days before the Olympics, Nike was running, or better yet, making a mad dash to keep their lead in the Olympics sports brand race. As Fortune had reported, Nike was beginning to lose to Adidas and Under Armour in the stock market, and the sports giant was panicking. By August 12, shares of Nike rose only by one percent, while Adidas rose 5.9% and Under Armour climbed 2.3%.

Despite being the official games sponsor, Nike wasn’t seeing much impact, while non-Olympics sponsors, Adidas and Under Armour, were getting the exposure they wanted through athletes like Michael Phelps (who is sponsored by Under Armour).

Luckily (for Nike), they still had everyone else (again, because they were the official games sponsor), but moreover thanks to the brand’s sponsorship of the US Men’s and Women’s basketball teams, Simone Biles and about 70% of athletes who won gold in track and field. At the end of it all, Nike had won 79 medals with the US team, well ahead of Under Armour, which came in second with 17 medals. New Balance, surprisingly beat out Adidas for third, raking in twelve medals versus the latter’s nine. Tied with Adidas was Asics, followed by fellow Japanese brand Mizuno.

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Rounding out the top ten sports brands at the Olympics were Reebok with four medals, Jordan with three and Skechers and Sperry, with one apiece.

A video containing the full medal tally can be seen below.

So Which sports brand came out on top? From a medal tally standpoint, obviously, Nike walks away with the win, but if looking at the numbers game, Nike really seems like they are beginning to lose their steam. Though, Nike Brand president, Trevor Edwards assures that the company is doing great.

“As any athlete would say, I’d be inclined to say give us the gold,” Edwards said in a phone interview with Fortune. “But there’s no finish line. It’s always about what’s next and continuing to improve and raising the bar.”

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