2016 Rio Olympics

Rio 2016: Is something wrong with Team USA men’s basketball? Or is it just their opponent improving and getting stronger?

Team USA continues to dominate the Olympics men’s basketball tournament. However, their small margin victories enter the question if they still deserve being labeled as the mightiest team in the basketball Olympic games.

Despite the dominance in the Rio Olympics, many people are still not satisfied with the way they played against their opponents. In their game against Team Australia, Team USA only wins by 10 points. The Americans continue their journey with breathtaking victories against Serbia and France, where they only win by three points.

The people can’t be blamed for being discontented with Team USA’s performance. The team consists of the best players available in the NBA while their opponents only have the some of their natives playing in the prestigious league.

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In the previous Olympic games, the USA men’s basketball team was often considered as the most feared team. However, it seems like their reputation has been stained with their recent performance. Is the Team USA getting weaker? Or it is just their opponents improving and getting stronger?

In the paper, there is no way that a team can beat the Americans. However, no one can predict the outcome once the teams are inside the court. Most of the teams in the Rio Olympics are challenged every time they face Team USA.

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They enjoyed being labeled as the ‘underdog’, giving all they got to defeat the most powerful team. Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant said that the Olympics is not going to be easy every time for the Team USA.

“Obviously, everybody wants us to win by a lot of points, but it’s not how it’s going to go this time,” U.S. forward Kevin Durant said. “We’ve got to be prepared for a grind-out game. We’ve shown the last three games we can grind it out.”

Meanwhile, Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George became worrisome with their small margin victories. He pointed out that the team is lacking ball movements and their defense should be improved. George knew the Team USA can perform better.

After beating Team France, Team USA will now be entering the knockout stage. They should continue to improve their performance and expect strong competitions from their opponents if they are serious about winning the gold.

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