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Rio 2016: Worst Olympics Ever? 3 reasons why the summer games should never return to Brazil

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There are many reasons why the Rio 2016 Olympics have been considered a failure for some and not on the same level of success as the past summer games. There have been many controversies and issues in Brazil that the international sports fans have noted.

Here are some reasons why Rio 2016 is not that good and why it could have been better if they addressed the issues earlier or if the games were moved to another location.


This was one of the top problems in Rio 2016 with many of the stadiums and gymnasiums not having the sports crowd seen in other Olympics.

In the article, even Usain Bolt, one of the most decorated athletes to play in the Olympics, invited the sports fans to watch the games.

“Make sure you buy tickets and come out and watch,” Bolt stated. “It’s going to be great.”

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However, there are many empty seats, even though the officials said that about 80% of the seats were sold. Various reasons include high prices for fans to watch their favorite sports and another is that Brazil is not known as a “sports” fans nation but just a “football/soccer” country.


This was another problem for the organizers in Rio because this was obvious and seen in the TV coverage and the live streams of the events.

The Olympics organizers blamed the strange green color because of a “mix-up” of “pool chemicals” from the contractors, who allegedly “dumped 80 liters of hydrogen peroxide” before the opening day in Brazil.

Allegedly, the contractors did not state this decision and the organizers were blaming it on a miscommunication of the other side.


American swimmer Ryan Lochte was caught red-handed after a CCTV footage revealed that his robbery story was a lie.

Lochte apologized for his actions and for making false statements but he already damaged the reputation of Americans as arrogant and for making up stories to destroy the image of another country.

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There are other reasons why Rio 2016 was one of the worst Olympics staged. Being the first summer games in South America, it’s tough for the organizers to make them a venue again in future Olympic games until there is an assurance that they can make some changes in the problems seen in Rio.

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