2016 Rio Olympics

Rio crowd boo American drug cheat Justin Gatlin as Usain Bolt wins gold in 100m

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Kenya’s athletics manager nabbed for doping extortion
Doping scandal continues to rock this year’s Rio Olympics with the arrest of Kenya’s athletics team manager Major Michael Rotich for extortion in return for valuable information regarding the anti-doping investigation in their country.

Justin Gatlin settled for the silver medal in the 100 meters final, losing to track superstar Usain Bolt at an anticipated event at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Bolt won the gold, his third Olympic gold in the 100m category and his first in Brazil.

Bolt, who is from Jamaica, timed in at 9.81 seconds while Gatlin (United States) ran for 9.89 seconds. Canada’s Andre De Grasse timed at 9.91 seconds for the bronze medal.

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“We work 365 days a year to be here for nine seconds. At the age of 34, to race these young guys and still make the podium feels so good,” Gatlin stated after the race where he placed second to Bolt, who said he was shocked to see lots of booing against the American.

Earlier in the week, Gatlin was criticized by fellow American Lilly King, who claimed that all the athletes who tested positive in the past should not be allowed to participate in the Olympics.

“I’ve come back and did what I need to do, and I’ve worked hard and I get tested just like everybody else and I’m back here. I believe in the system. Everybody else believes in the system, too,” Gatlin stated before the athletics competition in Rio.

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Gatlin was suspended for one year after testing positive for illegal drugs (amphetamines) in 2001 and for four years in 2006 because of testing positive for artificially high levels of testosterone, according to reports.

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