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Rio Olympics 2016: Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic final expected in gold medal clash

Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic final match predicted in Rio Olympics 2016
In the nearing Rio Olympics 2016, Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic final match is already predicted to happen. Both will fight for gold medal and title.

In the nearing Rio Olympics 2016, many are expecting to have an Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic final match. During the anticipated gold medal clash, a lot of tennis fans are thrilled on what’s going to happen between the two world’s best tennis players.

Earlier, Andy Murray announced his inability to join the Rogers Cup in Toronto. His reason was he was too overwhelmed with the Wimbledon 2016 matches. He needed more time to relax and revive his lost energy for the upcoming Rio Olympics 2016.

When he finally withdrew from the said tournament, he told that he has to prepare more on defending his title in Rio. That being said, he has allotted more time on training and preparing for the on court events next month.

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In fact, the partnership of Murray and his coach Ivan Lendl became the most talked recently. According to our previous report, the two, if combined, will be the most dangerous combo to predict in the Olympic games.

Consequently, many tennis fans thought that whoever fights with the current gold medal and title holder Andy Murray might find it tough to defeat such a man. Given this notion, not even Radael Nadal or Roger Federer could conquer that kind of tennis prowess.

However, some tennis experts from the ESPN thought that Murray should not be totally complacent with his state in the moment. They explained that Novak Djokovic could turn out like a god in the next set of events in Rio Olympics 2016.

They added that the reason behind his unexpected loss in Wimbledon was he got distracted. Yet, this should not fool everyone, not even Andy Murray. Nobody knew what the Serbian world No. 1-ranked has in-stored for the Olympic matches in August. Perhaps, he has already acquired the kind of condition he didn’t have in Wimbledon.

If this is true, fans should anticipate a final match between the current Olympic title holder Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in Rio Olympics 2016.

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At that time, there are two things to expect. If Murray wins, he will be the first British man to win consecutive Olympic gold medals after his win in 2012, Sports Keeda noted. Otherwise, Novak Djokovic could earn the title and steal the spotlight from Murray since four years.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/Wimbledon

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