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Rio Olympics 2016 a failure? Organizers deny troubles, say Summer Games OK so far

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Love conquers Rio Olympics as Brazilian player Isadora Cerullo accepts marriage proposal
It was not part of the Rio Olympics calendar of events, but for Brazilian rugby player Isadora Cerullo it was more than winning the gold medal as she accepted the marriage proposal by her partner Marjorie Enya.

Rio Olympics organizers are happy that they have “delivered” for the 2016 Rio Olympics despite the many criticisms in these summer games.

Rio Olympics organizers had to deal with many controversies even before the games started in Rio, Brazil. Issues with venues and infrastructure and attendance of many of the Olympic events have been exposed ever since the Rio Games started last August 5.

Olympic organizers in denial of troubles at Rio

Two major issues have also been uncovered like the traffic and crime, which has affected many athletes and teams participating in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Many crimes have also been reported not only for the participating countries but also from journalists and sports fans.

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Rio Olympics organizers major blunder include the “green pool” which they blamed on contractors. Ryan Lochte, the star swimmer in the United States, and other three US swimmers were reportedly robbed at gunpoint in Rio.

There are also the usual doping allegations and controversies, particularly Chinese and Russian athletes in various sports.

International Olympic Committee executive director Christophe Dubi was in denial of some of the problems and happy how things are going so far in Rio.

“Halfway through I think we can say Brazil and the Cariocas (Rio residents) delivered on what they promised. If we go back in time, they said we would have great venues and we have spectacular venues,” Dubi stated.

“They said we would have a whole new infrastructure benefiting citizens before the Games and this is what they have done. They said ‘we will offer a Carioca experience’ and this is what we have. We are where we should be midway through.”

The experience of many athletes, sports fans and journalists has not agreed with the IOC’s interpretation of success thus far with many controversies being exposed.

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The 2016 Rio Olympics is scheduled from August 5 to 21. With about a week to go to the games, more controversies and blunders are expected in Brazil.

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