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Rio Olympics 2016: Judo gold medalist Kayla Harrison confident to remain unbeaten after representing US in 2012

Rio Olympics 2016 news on Kayla Harrison to defend her title in Judo category
The only American gold medalist in judo, Kayla Harrison, returns on mat and compete against great judokas to defend her title after London Olympics 2012.

After her successful gold medal win in London Olympics in 2012, Kayla Harrison remained confident being an unbeatable judoka. In Rio Olympics 2016 next week, she will start defending her title for the second time and see if she remains on top in her sport.

Kayla Harrison’s name came to existence after winning her first gold medal in an Olympic game in 2012. The first gold medal in the American history of that sport.

She was the fourth judoka who attempted to compete with great judokas in the world. At that time, it seemed impossible after recovering from medial collateral ligament surgery.

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Nonetheless, under his trainer Jimmy Pedro, she was able to conquer Gibbons under 70-kg category. Consequently, Harrison earned her first gold medal in that level and the first in the American history, Newsday cited.

Based from that history alone, it is perceived that Harrison might remain on top among the other great judokas in Rio Olympics 2016 next week. Hence, she felt more confident knowing that nobody has ever beaten her on mat.

According to Patch, Harrison expected to return in an Olympic tournament for the 78-kg weight class in judo next week.

She trained under the supervision of the former American judo competitor and the two-time medalist Jimmy Pedro in Wakefield. It was also expected that other great judokas from other countries to compete against the current Olympic title holder Harrison.

Several names were named such as Kaori Matsumoto from Japan, Maya Agurar from Brazil, and Audrey Tcheumeo from France.

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These names were anticipated to be heard more in the next week’s Rio Olympics 2016. Will Kayla Harrison remain as the unbeatable American judoka this year? Or one of the three given names will replace her?

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@judo_kayla

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