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Rio Olympics 2016: Kerri Walsh Jennings for 4th gold medal win with April Ross; Talita Antunes, Larissa Franca stop them?

Rio Olympics 2016 Kerri Walsh Jennings April Ross tandem succeed to win gold medal
Kerri Walsh Jennings to pursue her fourth consecutive gold medal win in Rio Olympics 2016 with new partner April Ross. Will they able to win first place against Brazilians Talita Antunes and Larissa Franca?

Kerri Walsh Jennings seeks to earn her fourth gold medal in the nearing Rio Olympics 2016. Would she able to do it with with April Ross?

Her partnership with Misty May Treanor seemed perfect. Their invincibility in beach volleyball created the most talked about plays in the Olympics in 2012.

However, when Treanor announced her retirement after London Olympics in 2012, Jennings had to find a perfect partner as soon as possible for the Summer Olympics in that same year.

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Across different interviews done, she found April Ross who happened to be an indoor volleyball player. During an interview, Walsh reveals that Ross is the perfect candidate. She possessed the qualities she’s looking for a team mate.

Standing six-foot-one, Ross trained with Jennings to learn the techniques in an outdoor volleyball. Although she’s trained for an indoor sport for years, she admitted that learning the new sport is difficult.

However, she told that mastering each tactic with Jennings is humbling. Consequently, she earned the second place in 2012 Summer Olympics with her first beach volleyball event against Brazilian veterans Talita Antunes and Larissa Franca.

Aside from the skills to master, both of them needed to improve their relationship on court. This means they need to understand each other’s preferences as well as communication.

What comes next for Kerri Walsh Jennings this week with her new partner remains a big mystery. Given that the two Brazilians who defeated them confirmed their Rio Olympics 2016 participation, the quest on winning her fourth gold medal in an Olympic game could be slightly questionable.

If the previous 2012 Summer Olympics will be the basis wherein the US landed second against Brazil four years ago, it is possible to have the same result again. That is, if their strategies didn’t work well this time around.

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Yet, Jennings explained that there is quite a balance between her impulsivity and Ross’ subtlety on court. Nonetheless, she is certain she could win her fourth gold medal in a few days.

The biggest motivation she has aside from her family and friends is to equal Lisa Leslie, the only American woman to win four series gold medals in a basketball team.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@kerrileewalsh

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