2016 Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics 2016: Russian athletes finally compete, IOC reversing total ban decision?

Rio Olympics 2016 Russian athletes compete IOC reverses total doping ban
After IOC reversed their total ban, Russian athletes can finally compete in Rio Olympics 2016. Two swimmers granted permission to take part recently.

The Rio Olympics 2016 committee finally reversed their total ban decision imposed on the Russian athletes. Following this decision, two Russian swimmers were officially granted Fina’s permission to compete.

The Russian sports persons in different categories remained hopeful of being able to participate in the Olympics with other great athletes in the world.

However, this dream sank when they found that they were banned. Fina disclosed that Russia have doped their athletes who were already scheduled to participate in Rio Olympics 2016. Hence, a total ban was implemented.

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However, IOC reversed their earlier decision three days ago. IOC president Thomas Bach announced that the committee agreed to retrieve the total ban.

According to Olympic, the committee agreed to allow hundreds of affected Russian athletes to participate in Rio Olympics 2016 next week.

They promised to lift the implemented ban given that Russia cooperates with ensuring a hundred per cent dope-free athletes taking part in any Olympic event.

That being said, he clarified that the innocent athletes’ motive in playing their sport should not be confused with the consequence brought by Russia’s “nuclear option.”

At the end of the session, Bach concluded to conduct strict screening criteria for the Russian athletes. This will allow them to compete in Rio Olympics 2016 if they passed the tests.

“With this respect for individual justice, we also send a positive message to clean athletes in Russia, you can be successful outside such a system,” Bach said.

He added that the Russian athletes should compete with others and succeed with no sign of violation and disrespect.

Consequently, Telegraph reported two Russian swimmers Nikita Lobintsev and Vladimir Mozorov who passed the IOC tests.

Russian sports attorney, Artyom Patsev, stated that Fina granted them the permission to take part in the Olympics.

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Hence, they’re officially in for the Rio Olympics 2016 swimming events particularly in 4×100 meters freestyle next week.

Hopefully, the others could make it in time as the IOC were given until Friday to clear up the Russian athletes’ names and grant them the permission to compete they deserved.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@v1adm

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