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Rio Olympics 2016: Sarah Pavan, Heather Bansley lead Canada’s first largest beach volleyball team since 1996

Rio Olympics 2016 Canada beach volleyball teams Sarah Pavan Heather Bansley headship
It’s first time for Canada to send largest beach volleyball team in Rio Olympics 2016 with four teams in total. Sarah Pavan, Heather Bansley head teams.

Since 1996, Canada has never sent a maximum number of beach volleyball players except next month. Sarah Pavan and Heather Bansley head the county’s largest Rio Olympics 2016 team with eight members in total.

An interesting combination between indoor and outdoor game skills between Sarah Pavan and Heather Bansley is expected.

Pavan, a well-trained 6-foot-5 indoor volleyball tries a new sport with the veteran Olympic beach volleyball player, Bansley. Standing 5-foot-7, Bansley heads the backcourt to allow Pavan covering the net.

This will be their scheme practiced and mastered as they both take advantage of their height and skills.

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According to Yahoo, Pavan considers this change of sports humbling. For her, she never expected to have that shift in her volleyball career.

She acknowledges the high demand on physical and mental aspects when playing beach volleyball compared to an indoor volleyball game.

Not only Pavan did a huge risk but Bansley, too. She risks and leaves her former partner Elizabeth Maloney to achieve Canada’s goal of succeeding in Rio Olympics 2016.

The Bansley-Maloney team failed to give Canada a spot in London Olympic games in 2012 while the men’s division got the 17th place. Hence, trying to combine Pavan and Bansley’s partnership is perceived.

Pavan’s indoor volleyball skills are obviously dissimilar with the ones used in beach volleyball, she has to master the techniques required.

The training she received includes building a strong and solid foundation of their relationship with Bansley as a team in California.

The goal of bringing a medal in their home country is their big goal. Hence, a hard training for years is planned. The loss years ago made Bansley motivated to improve.

She told that she won’t make Canada feel disappointed again from the inability to get into the top ranks. Knowing Pavan’s highly skilled indoor skills practiced for an outdoor game is their great weapon to compete.

Global News noted that four teams with eight members in total to represent Canada in Rio Olympics 2016 next week.

Sarah Pavan and Heather Bansley form one team, Jamie Broder and Kristina Valjas another team in women’s category.

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Chaim Schalk and Ben Saxton as one pair then Josh Binstock and Sam Schachter to form another team in men’s category, on the other hand.

So far, this is the first time for Canada to send eight people to compete in four teams in Rio Olympics 2016.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@heatherbansley

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