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Rio Olympics: Evan Fournier will not join France in Brazil

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Many athletes have decided to back out from joining the Rio 2016 Olympics. This is mainly because of their worry about the Zika virus spread in Brazil, according to Newsday. This virus causes birth defects towards the unborn child of a pregnant woman as studied by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Therefore, women athletes should be the one that is expected to turn down their participation for the event.

But this was not the case here in this year’s Olympics.

There are also a number of men who turned down their qualified slots for the games particularly in golf. Players like Jason Day, Rory Mcllroy, and Dustin Johnson have all refused their qualification for Rio.

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Interestingly, this was not the case for France and Magic shooting guard, Evan Fournier.

The 23-year-old wing man was just left-out of the 12-man lineup of France. This is according to the coach of their national team, Vincent Collet.

Collet stated that, he “believes that his seven backcourt players in the team have fulfilled their different roles well.”

The France’s coach also added, “After that, because of the balance achieved, I did not want to change anything.” Collet also made a commitment to his players that, “without them, they would not go to Rio.” The commitment made by the coach to them is that, “if they were performing good, they would remain in the team.”

To the point that Vincent said this, “so if I was not honoring my commitment, I would betray them.” This was the coach’s main reason of not choosing Fournier.

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Collet made a great point here. It is like, the coach prefers to have a team that is more familiar to each other than a team that has more talent. This only means that France’s coach values chemistry over talent. It is not a bad thing actually since they won one of the final 3 slots for the Olympics during the Olympic Qualifiers in Manila with this lineup.

Furthermore, it is also not that hard to replace Evan. This is because the seven backcourt players of France has really complimented one another. They displayed their ferocity on offense and defense with Parker, Batum and Diaw, all running the show for this team.

This is really an extremely balanced and talented group of players for team France. They are one of those teams to watch out for come Rio Olympics 2016.

Photo courtesy: David Bernardeau/Wikimedia

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