2016 Rio Olympics

Ryan Lochte is suspended for 10 months

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US Olympic Committee decided to suspend Ryan Lochte after lying about the Rio gas station robbery. International Olympic Committee and USA Swimming along with U.S. Olympic Committee handed down the punishment.

Some people in USOC said that the punishment is a little severe and harsh than Phelphs’ 6 months suspension. 

Last August 13, Ryan Lochte said that they were robbed at a gas station after their night out. But Lochte’s statement seems to be different when he was speaking to authorities during the investigation.

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Authorities said that Lochte and his teammates were not really robbed. What happened was, they vandalized the bathroom at the gas station. Then when the police arrived Lochte and his teammates pay the gas station management. For the vandalized bathroom and left the said gas station.

“Ryan has taken full responsibility for his actions and revealed that his story was exaggerated,” said Christopher Rogers of Hollywood Life.

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During Lochte’s interview with Good Morning America last August 30, he said that the whole situation was “way out of proportion”. The 32-year-old swimmer hoped that with him being a contestant on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) is the key to moving the past controversy. 

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Now, Ryan Lochte is part of some shows and gigs. But unfortunately, his legacy is already tainted because of the controversy. Lochte is now on the rocks as he lost his endorsement with Speedo along with Ralph Lauren, Gentle hair removal, and Airweave deals.

Although Lochte lost some of his endorsement, there are still some who believe after the said incident. “Lochte now has the new endorsement deal with Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops,” said Taylor Weatherby of Hollywood Life.

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