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Ryan Lochte to face criminal charges in Rio? Charles Barkley sees no punishment needed for disgraced American swimmer

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Photo courtesy: Chan-Fan/Wikimedia Commons

American Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is in hot water after getting involved in a controversy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the 2016 Rio Olympics is happening. Former NBA player and sports analyst Charles Barkley shared his thoughts about the issue and had some advice for his compatriot.

Barkley claims that there should be no punishment for Lochte but that the swimmer has to learn a lesson from the incident.

“Well, I don’t think there’s a punishment. I think he’s learned a very valuable lesson. Listen, being famous or in the limelight is great two out of three times: When you’re doing great, it’s great. When you get your paycheck, it’s great. But when you do something wrong, it sucks. So, that’s a good learning experience for him,” Barkley, a former player for the Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets in the NBA, said via Fox Sports.

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“I mean, being famous is great two out of three times. But when you do something wrong, or you lose, it’s awful. … It was honestly stupid to do, but he’s a young kid. All young kids do stupid stuff.”

While Barkley is not treating the situation seriously, the Brazilian police authorities could charge the American swimmers, including Lochte and James Feigen, for fabricating their robbery story. Among all those involved, Lochte is the biggest and most popular name.

Lochte and the other swimmers told the media and officials that they were “robbed at gunpoint” earlier this week. That became a big story this week with Brazil struggling to keep its reputation that the games and athletes are safe in their country.

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There were rumors that the Brazil police will be forced to indict the pair of American swimmers for lying about their robbery story. But it looks like no formal charges have been made yet.

Photo courtesy: Chan-Fan/Wikimedia Commons

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