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Stephen Curry still unsure of Rio Olympics 2016 participation

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Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is set to play on the third game of Warriors against Oklahoma City on the Western Conference even with his swollen elbow.

MVP Stephen Curry has recently expressed his desire to join in the Rio Olympics 2016 in Brazil but is still undecided if he will go and is yet to decide until the season is over.

On an international press conference held last November 25, 2015, Stephen Curry was asked about playing in the Rio Olympics 2016, to which he  answered that he is excited to be part of it, and representing his country, the United States of America would be a “dream come true.” He added that the culture and sights in Brazil would make his whole Olympic experience a “once in a lifetime memory.”

However, with Golden State Warriors reaching the season’s finals with Cleveland Cavaliers, Curry is still skeptical about his attendance in the Olympics 2016. He is yet to make a decision until the finals are over, as he needs to weigh if his time to prepare for the Olympics is enough and if his body will be ready for it.

He also had several injuries to his knee and elbow during the season.

“With how my body feels right now and knowing the quick turnaround that it’ll be, it’s obviously going to be a situation where I’ve got to be all in.” stated Curry.

Curry said that he has not thought so much about it, as he is currently focused on the season’s finals against the Cavs.  “I haven’t thought much about it right now because I’m obviously fighting for the Larry O’Brien Trophy,” he said.

The US roster for the Olympics 2016 will be announced at the end of June, as the players are set to be at a training camp on July 18-21.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Stephen Curry

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