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Tennis News: Andy Murray slams sexist BBC reporter during Rio Olympics 2016 live interview

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Tennis News Andy Murray slams sexist BBC reporter in Rio Olympics 2016 interview
Andy Murray slams sexist BBC reporter during his Rio Olympics 2016 interview. British champion corrected reporter’s factual mistake on live television.

After receiving his second Olympic gold, Andy Murray slammed sexist BBC reporter during his live interview in Rio Olympics 2016. Albeit the British champion has something to brag about, he acknowledged the Williams sisters’ four gold medals earned since 2000.

The World no. 2 Andy Murray, 29, successfully defended his Olympic title and won back-to-back gold medals at the London Olympics in 2012. By then, no other tennis Olympian was able to steal them away from him.

Although he could boast those titles all night, the British champion remained humble as he corrected the BBC reporter named John Inverdale during his live interview. Murray was asked how he felt after being recognized as the first Olympian to win two gold medals.

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“Well, to defend the singles titles. I think Venus and Serena have won about four each but hadn’t defended a singles title before,” he said on television.

According to Rolling Stone, Andy Murray, is a well-known feminist after his coach for two years, Amelie Mauresmo, received hurtful rants from media and critics. Since then, he became women’s knight and defender. BBC’s well-known reporter turned out to be his latest concern.

In addition to that, Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling recognized Murray’s defense. “As if we needed more reasons to worship @andy_murray: he just reminded John Inverdale that women are people, too,” she wrote in her recent tweet.

After Rowling’s post published, many fans expressed their opinions regarding Inverdale’s mistake. The majority of them explained that the BBC reporter has not mistaken his point of saying that Andy Murray indeed the first Olympian to receive two gold medals successively.

Yet, he missed saying the term “singles” when he interviewed the 29-year-old champion. Murray clearly defined that the Williams sisters received four gold medals each but not in singles. That means Inverdale was correct when he asked the world no. 2 tennis champion.

The main point of the issue is the BBC reporter’s slight mistake. This means to say that someone working in the media should be careful with facts before he could mislead everyone when reporting. One slight error could create massive concern for the fans around the world.

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If BBC’s John Inverdale would have said the missed term, he won’t receive corrections from his interviewee, Andy Murray, himself. Since it happened, perhaps the reporter suffered from great embarrassment.

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