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Tennis News: Milos Raonic pulls out from Rio Olympics 2016 to avoid Andy Murray, Roger Federer match; Decision becomes emotionally draining

Tennis News on Andy Murray and Milos Raonic Rio Olympics 2016
Latest tennis news on Milos Raonic’s unexpected withdrawal from Rio Olympics 2016 reportedly rooted from his defeat against Andy Murray.

After announcing his withdrawal from Rio Olympics 2016, Milos Raonic finally spoke about his inevitable exit in the event due to health issues. The latest tennis updates mentioned rumors regarding the Canadian tennis superstar’s defeat against Andy Murray as his big reason for withdrawal.

One interesting thing about Raonic is that he is humble enough to admit to the public about his struggles. He said that being defeated in Wimbledon 2016 affected him. Obviously, this is referring to the British champion Andy Murray.

Milos Raonic stated that he’s not rushing about things in the moment. He merely followed one-step-at-a-time kind of thinking with things. These refer to both wins and losses in his tennis career.

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During an interview with Maurie Sherman from KiSS 92.5, he explained this is also his pondered thought resulting to pull out from Rio Olympics 2016. He didn’t want to pressure himself that much.

Although withdrawing from the Olympics was not an easy decision to make, he has to prioritize his own health and training. According to some, he was actually referring to the Zika outbreak in Rio. But he didn’t make that clear. He merely said that he can’t make three tournaments in a row.

In addition, he complained about the emotional drain which resulted from the series of tennis matches. In fact, he told his family and his team about it, according to Sports Net. Because of that, as much as he wanted to play in Rio Olympics 2016, he simply can’t. Albeit the fact that the Olympic events are personal to him, but his body cannot make the three major events but two.

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This means that the rumors stated in the latest tennis news about avoiding Andy Murray in Rio Olympics is not true. Not even the current No. 3-ranked Roger Federer. He didn’t think about his opponents even. Raonic told Sherman in his interview that the only thing that motivated him during a match is not his opponent but the obligation to win.

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