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Tennis News: Novak Djokovic assures Andy Murray won’t win Rio Olympics 2016

Tennis News on Novak Djokovic assures defeating Andy Murray in Rio Olympics 2016
Latest tennis news reveal Novak Djokovic’s intense plan to defeat the current Olympic title holder Andy Murray in the nearing Rio Olympics 2016.

With Rio Olympics 2016 in their minds, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray prepare for their nearing face-off on the tennis court. However, the Serbian champion assured Murray he will get the Olympic title.

Andy Murray is the current Olympic title holder in world tennis when he won the last 2012 in London. He earned the title after defeating the world No. 3 Roger Federer four years ago.

In a few weeks, the tennis fans around the world will anticipate a big tennis battle between the two-time Wimbledon Grand Slam champion and the world No. 1 Novak Djokovic.

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To defend his title, Andy Murray obviously has to pull out from the Rogers Cup in Toronto to train. In fact, Britain’s Davis Cup captain Leon Smith revealed that Murray got his focus on the upcoming Olympic matches.

Hence, he has to relax after the overwhelming events in Wimbledon 2016 and he has to pull himself together in body and in mind, Rio 2016 reported.

On the other hand, Novak Djokovic clearly hinted that he will return as a stronger one after his defeat against the American Sam Querrey. ESPN thought that he might be a bit distracted in the last major tournament due to hinted family concerns. But this should not be the full basis of his standing in Rio Olympics 2016.

According to the theories, he has higher opportunities to return a hundred percent focused on winning gold and earn Andy Murray’s Olympic title. All he needed is to get away from tennis for a while and regain his fullest motivation to win gold. That’s it.

The same source mentioned that his defeat became his powerful motivation for the tough battles ahead of him. His drive to defeat the Olympic 2012 holder is intense.

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Nic Atkin from ESPN noted this as something scary Andy Murray and the rest of the tennis fans should look after. He might be dominating much in the upcoming tournament. In fact, he might have a chance to crush the British title holder this time.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/Wimbledon

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