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Tennis News: Novak Djokovic steps down as Andy Murray tries to steal his no. 1 spot? Successive upsets in Wimbledon and Rio Olympics 2016 make it possible?

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Novak Djokovic wins against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the US Open 2016 quarterfinals today.
Novak Djokovic wins against Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in US Open 2016 quarterfinals. Serbian champion is officially on-board for semi-finals on Friday.

Novak Djokovic suffered from a lot of losses from different tournaments he joined. After his historic win in Roland Garros earlier this year, several underdogs successively defeated the world no. 1 from Wimbledon to Rio Olympics 2016.

World no. 1 Novak Djokovic, 29, suffered from a wrist injury that contributed to his massive falls both from Wimbledon and Rio Olympics. He was defeated by two underdogs, Sam Querrey and Juan Martin del Potro, respectively.

Right after the event, he announced pulling out from Cincinnati Masters which is scheduled right after the Olympics. Others thought that his decision was grounded from his succeeding upsets since months.

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Novak Djokovic’s defeat against Sam Querrey was totally unexpected as his goal to win his 13th Grand Slam title suddenly became murky. Sky Sports reported that his downfall was one of the most shocking events that happened in Wimbledon history.

The same source hinted that his regular dropped sets were considered signs of declining as he’s unable to show ruthless performances on court unlike before. Above all, no fan could expect that a mere underdog could contribute such huge fail for someone like Djokovic.

Another appalling upset happened to the 29-year-old Serbian champion during the Rio Olympics 2016. Juan Martin del Potro aka Delpo, who’s currently no. 141, seemed to find it easy to throw Djokovic away from getting an Olympic gold within the first round.

That being said, it sounded that Djokovic’s downfalls opened chances for British Andy Murray’s aggressive progress of getting the top spot. Earlier, he already tried to hint his clear motive, which rumors stated his plan to steal the top spot that Djokovic now holds.

ESPN supported this claim. The report explained Murray’s successive winnings from Wimbledon and the recent Rio Olympics 2016 could make it possible. These were made possible through partnering with Coach Ivan Lendl, a dangerous duo, Novak Djokovic should watch out.

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In the meantime, the same source noted Djokovic’s 24 of 34 record career meetings with Murray. It suggested Murray continuous progress could make great probabilities of winning the top place in ATP rankings. That means anticipating Novak Djokovic’s stepping down is highly possible.

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