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Tennis News: Novak Djokovic confirms winning Andy Murray’s title & gold medal in Rio Olympics 2016?

Tennis News on Novak Djokovic to stop Andy Murray second gold medal win in Rio Olympics 2016
Rio Olympics 2016 predictions reveal Novak Djokovic wins gold against title holder Andy Murray. His Rogers Cup win in Toronto clearly hints its possibility.

After winning the Rogers Cup 2016 against Japan’s Kei Nishikori, Novak Djokovic strikes back and targets Andy Murray’s predicted second gold medal win in Rio Olympics 2016.

Andy Murray seeks to win his successive Olympics gold medal after his first 2012 London Olympic win against Swiss Roger Federer.

Reigning as the current title holder, he paves the way to create another record any British man could never imagine. Murray’s goal is to be the first British man to win series of gold medals in an Olympic tournament in more than a century.

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Yet, this quest remains a question unless he could beat his childhood friend who happened to be the Serbian world No. 1-ranked based from reports. 

With a current 24-10 career match record, both of these great tennis players remain the most sought in Rio Olympics 2016. These two athletes are also competing for ATP Rankings as well with Murray’s current record almost 4,000 points away from Djokovic’s.

Given Djokovic’s unbeatable record as the first man to win four Grand Slam titles at once since 1969, Murray certainly struggles to defend his title as per predictions say.

The Serbian champion has dominated the world tennis in the recent years and taking him down during the next week’s Olympics might be impossible.

Earlier, he already told the public that his loss in Wimbledon has been his greatest lesson of unfocused game. That being said, the same lesson is his ground to conquer the next set of events including Rio.

Proof of that aggressive comeback is defeating Japan’s Kei Nishikori in the recent Rogers Cup in Toronto. This will be his fourth win and the fourth time being an unbeatable athlete on court.

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BBC told that Novak Djokovic performed so well with 6-3, 7-5 “largely commanding performance.” In total, he has already won seven titles in 2016 and might be added with stealing Andy Murray’s Olympic title next week as well.

During an interview, he clearly said that he certainly aims to get a medal. He didn’t specify what medal he wants to bring home after Rio Olympics 2016.  Perhaps, he wants another gold medal.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@djokernole

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