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Tennis News: Rafael Nadal expects Novak Djokovic early exit in Rio Olympics 2016 before Serbian’s successive upsets?

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Tennis News Rafael Nadal expects Novak Djokovic early exit in Rio Olympics 2016
Spanish champion Rafael Nadal has already predicted Novak Djokovic’s early exit in Rio Olympics 2016 before the Serbian champ’s successive upsets against no. 43 seed Juan Martin del Potro from Argentina?

Spanish champion Rafael Nadal has already expected the early exit of Novak Djokovic in Rio Olympics 2016 before the Serbian’s successive upsets.

Djokovic together with Nenad Zimonjic lost in tennis Olympics doubles within the first round. Brazil’s Bruno Soares and Marcelo Melo defeated the Serbian champs with 6-4, 6-4 recorded results.

Prior to his defeat in doubles, 2009 US Open winner Argentinian Juan Martin del Potro already dumped Djokovic in the first round as well. This was the the second defeat of Djokovic against an underdog.

Consequently, predictions of Djokovic’s plan of stealing the Olympic title from Murray became an instant fairy tale.

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Rio 2016 reported about the Serbian champion’s unshaken interest to seek his first Olympic gold. The report cited he won’t stop until he’ll get it. His next change will be in 2020 Games in Tokyo. At that time, Djokovic will be 33 years old.

After his succeeding failures in two weeks, he remained focused on his aim [for Olympic gold] though he felt bad with his losses. “I really hope I will have another shot at the medal,” he stated.

However, his Rio bitter loss resulted to his decision to miss Cincinnati Masters. He told ESPN that being defeated against the Argentinian, who currently ranked No. 141, was considered the toughest.

The report mentioned his beating in Rio became his ground to bail on Cincinnati. In fact, that event was totally remarkable that left him in tears. Yet, the report suggested it would be his tactical choice for detour.

Before the Serbian’s consecutive losses happened in Rio Olympics 2016, Rafael Nadal has already predicted Novak Djokovic early exit in the Games.

During an interview with Reuters, the Spanish champion said that his standing against the best of the best tennis players in the world is negative. That means, his chances on reaching gold will be murky.

He explained that though Djokovic is the best tennis player in the world based from the ATP rankings, he doesn’t have the same standing in the Games.

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“His success is something difficult to repeat. It’s normal that in some moments he’ll lose some matches. But at the same time he had a very negative draw against one of the best players in the world,” Nadal commented.

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