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Tennis News: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray pull out from Rogers Cup for Rio Olympics 2016; Novak Djokovic won’t make last minute withdrawal

Tennis News on Roger Federer Rafael Nadal Andy Murray Rio Olympics 2016
Tennis news reveal reason behind Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray pullout. All of them stated they are preparing for Rio Olympics 2016.

Fans might get disappointed with the latest tennis news. The three world’s tennis superstars, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, are pulling out from the Roger’s Cup. The reason behind their withdrawal is the Rio Olympics 2016.

Varied reasons for pulling out are noted for the three well-known professional tennis athletes. It seems obvious that the athletes remain overwhelm with the impact from the Wimbledon 2016 events.

Rafael Nadal confirmed earlier that he won’t be able to attend in the Roger’s Cup. This is because of his recovery from the acquired wrist injury. He explained that it made him feel sad to announce his inability to play in Toronto this year.

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He also explained that it took him time to readjust from the injury. Consequently, his preparation for playing in Roger’s Cup won’t make it possible. Nadal stated that he was only able to practice weeks ago, Tennis Now reported. So, that makes no sense playing in Roger’s Cup with that condition.

Roger Federer is also affected with his decision to pull out from the said match. He wrote in his Facebook account that he didn’t want to quit Roger’s Cup but the impact of Wimbledon 2016 is too high for him. However, he pledged to play in the next year instead.

Aside from Nadal and Federer, the Wimbledon 2016 Grand Slam champion Andy Murray won’t play as well. He noted that he has to prepare more for Rio Olympics 2016 to defend his title as an Olympic champion in 2012.

In addition, he needs more time to energize his body from the exhausting Wimbledon 2016 matches. To win the nearing Rio Olympics 2016 this August, he needs to prepare and train harder to remain in as the title holder, Daily Mail UK cited.

At the end of his statement, he promised to his Toronto fans he will play in Roger’s Cup next year with Roger Federer. As for Rafael Nadal, he didn’t confirm yet whether he’ll play in the said event or not.

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In the meantime, Sports Net stated that Roger’s Cup director, Karl Hale, assured the tennis fans they won’t be disappointed since Novak Djokovic confirmed he won’t make a last minute withdrawal.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/Wimbledon

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