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Tennis News: Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal expected to fail in Rio Olympics 2016

Tennis News on Roger Federer Rafael Nadal fails in Rio Olympics 2016
Latest tennis news reveal Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal rumors of inability to perform well in Rio Olympics might be true. Federer reveals new racket he personally designed with the help of Wilson designers. He might use this new racket in Rio Olympics 2016 tournaments.

As far as performance is concerned, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have issues. The latest tennis news stated that both have problems from the previous matches in Wimbledon 2016. These could affect them in the Rio Olympics 2016.

Who could forget the remarkable Roger Federer’s fall on the ground? That was one of the most recent unforgettable moments in Wimbledon this year. It happened when he fought against Canadian Milos Raonic. He was also defeated in the same event.

One big concern for the Swiss legend and former Olympic gold medal holder is his age. He is already 34 years old. Obviously, at this age, it would be a bit struggle against the younger tennis players like Andy Murray (29), Novak Djokovic (29), Milos Raonic (25) and Rafael Nadal (30).

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With Rafael Nadal’s concern, there is a probability that he can’t play a hundred percent in the nearing Rio Olympics 2016. This is all due to his wrist injury which caused him to miss a lot of major tournaments like the recent Wimbledon 2016.

Albeit he might fight back and do his best to win several matches in Rio, however, it is also hinting that he can’t perform as best as he was ten years ago. Novak Djokovic once said that he was one of the best competitors in world tennis history.

According to ESPN, Rafael Nadal is not on his peak anymore. Hence, he might consider retirement soon. That being said, it is crystal clear that both of these athletes are anticipated to break down and to fall in Rio Olympics 2016.

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If they did their best like the usual, their age and their respective body limits won’t allow them to look forward for further tournaments. Indeed, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s time are nearing to an end in world tennis. Hopefully, this thoughts of many will change in Rio Olympics 2016 next month.

In the meantime, Roger Federer recently introduced his new Pro Staff RF97 tennis racket which he personally designed together with Wilson designers. Check his new racket here. He might use this new racket design in Rio as well.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/Wimbledon

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