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Tennis News: Roger Federer returns in 2017? Swiss pulling out from Rio Olympics 2016 a big loss for Brazil, Gustavo Kuerten says

Tennis news Roger Federer returns in 2017
Latest tennis news reveal Roger Federer’s return in 2017 after full body recovery & knee rehabilitation. Will Swiss legend could return in next ATP season?

The Swiss legend promises to return after recovery. Currently, Roger Federer is recovering from his knee injury. According to latest tennis news, he might return in 2017.

The world no. 3-ranked Swiss confirmed his absence in Rio Olympics 2016 earlier. When the host country is asked about it, it’s totally a big loss, former world No. 1-ranked Gustavo Kuerten says.

He shares his lament over Federer’s absence to Yahoo Sports. “It [Federer’s withdrawal] is a big loss for Brazil,” Kuerten mentions.

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He explains that though Federer is a great athlete, however he’s also human. He has his own weaknesses as well.

As much as he wanted to come to Brazil and play with other great athletes around the world, his body limits him for good.

He adds about the Swiss’ major problems [knee injury] and his plans to play in an Olympic game. The 39-year-old retired Brazilian tennis player misses Federer.

Roger Federer got his knee injury when he played with his twins. He was preparing a bath when he suddenly heard a click sound from his left knee.

He didn’t expect that a simple movement could lead him to a long-term injury. Following his injury, an arthroscopic injury was done to repair the damaged cartilage, ESPN notes.

Consequently, he misses Rio Olympics 2016 and the rest of the events scheduled this year. Tennis World USA cites his possible return in 2017.

ATP Season for the next year starts in January. Hopefully, he could recover as fast as possible to see him play on court again.

The same source reveals two theories of Federer’s fate. His return can be anticipated once his speedy recovery from the injury is assured.

Federer shares he merely needed full body rest after series of events this year and rehabilitation for his knee surgery.

Otherwise, his retirement will be certain. The source suggests that though his love for tennis remains intact, his physical limitations deter it.

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His age is an obvious factor. He’s already 34. Compared to Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, and Rafael Nadal, he’s older.

The former world No. 1-ranked Gustavo Kuerten from Brazil retired at the age of 33. Roger Federer may have the same fate as him.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@rogerfederer

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