2016 Rio Olympics

US Olympian Abby Johnston: No Pokemon Go in Rio Olympic Village

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US Olympian Abby Johnston: No Pokemon in Rio Olympic Village

There have been a lot of reports on the living conditions at the Rio Olympic Village. Some delegations claim that the quarters are completely fine. But for most, it’s not good at all.

Reviews from the athletes themselves indicate that there is little to enjoy at the Olympic Village. Currently, a number representatives from different home countries have reportedly abandoned their lodgings at the said village, as per the Wall Street Journal. Issues include faulty plumbing, dangerous electrical wiring, and no provisions for hot water. Just days within the Opening Ceremonies, the athletes are left with no choice but to look for more comfortable places to stay.

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Rio Olympics officials are currently rushing to tidy up everything. Now, they are putting more people to work on the concerns of the athletes. Then again, there might be one thing that they wouldn’t be able to fix  – the absence of Pokemon Go coverage within the area.

In a tweet, US Olympic diver Abby Johnston expressed that the living conditions at the village are completely fine. However, it is a complete nightmare for athletes who love Pokemon Go. Apparently, she could not connect to the popular mobile gaming app.

This just adds to the numerous issues that plague the Rio Olympic Village. Still, it is not all bad that the athletes can’t get access to Pokemon Go. On the brighter side, Johnston and all the other Olympians who love the mobile game can focus more on preparing for their respective events.

They might not become the best Pokemon Master, but the can sure spend some more time in training and focusing on the task at hand. A lot of athletes and coaches have already identified that Pokemon Go can be a huge distraction.

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Photo courtesy: Abby Johnston/Twitter

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