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USA Basketball team confirms seven players in roster

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USA Men's Basketball
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Lebron James has expressed concerns about playing in the Rio Olympics after a grueling NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors, and may opt to rest instead. If he decides to participate, however, he will have a rare opportunity to become the first four-time Olympian.

Carmelo Anthony also shares this distinction if injuries won’t stand in his way.

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USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo and head coach Mike Krzyzewski described the men’s basketball team as very deep. They can afford not to have Lebron James on the team and still remain a heavy favorite to win the much-coveted gold medal.

USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo says the pool of talent is so deep that they could “take a few hits and still be in great shape.”

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The complete list of the 12 players to be sent to the Rio Olympics will be complete by the end of this month. On how the selection process is going to be made, Colangelo said that no one gets cut but only selected. It’s a process, he says, that he keeps running over and over in his head, but he’s open to suggestions.

Rest assured, it won’t be about building an all-star team for the show, but to form a group that should be able to make victory a certainty.

From a list of 30 finalists, those who are already in as reported by SB Nation are Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Demarcus Cousins, Draymond Green, Kyle Lowry, Paul George, and Jimmy Butler.

There were rumors that Kobe Bryant would be given a slot on the US Olympic team, and basketball fans hoped they’d see him play one more time, however, Bryant made it clear that he isn’t interested, saying “I think it’s the young guys’ turn to go. … I’ve had my moment.”

Once the list is completed they will be met by coach Krzyzewski in Las Vegas around the middle of July, to begin with, their training. Exhibitions are expected to follow shortly. The US basketball team is set to travel to Rio by early August.


Photo courtesy: Wikimedia commons


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