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Who is Michael Phelps former GF Taylor Lianne Chandler? Swimming great called ‘cheat’, ‘liar’ by transgender ex

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Taylor Lianne Chandler

Michael Phelps is being called the greatest Olympian in the history of the games after another great performance at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Despite the success on the pool, it’s his past that is being talked about on social media and the web, including the swimmer’s relationship with Taylor Lianne Chandler, an alleged former girlfriend and a transgender.

Phelps’ alleged ex-GF was born “intersex” and claims to have had an affair with the American swimmer plus other athletes, celebrities and public persons.

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Recently, Taylor Lianne Chandler went on a rant on social media seemingly accusing of Michael Phelps on being a cheat and also mentioned his driving under the influence (DUI) controversy.

“Cheated on Nicole with Carrie Prejean. That’s why they broke up! Cheated on Ami Desi with Win McMurry. They broke up! Cheated on Demi Rose Mawby with Nicole,” Chandler posted on Facebook.

“That’s why she posted the dick pic and tagged Nicole. Then there was a girl from Cali, Canada, the dog walker. They all knew about Nicole and I. Then there are the escorts, stewardesses, waitresses, other swimmers, all in 2014!.”

According to isna.org, “Intersex” is the term used “for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.”

“[Michael Phelps] got a DUI and two people paid the price for it! I have been victim shamed for almost a year and a half, while he is a hero and role model. I did absolutely nothing wrong, but in defending myself and wanting him to acknowledge the truth I’m a stalker, psycho, evil, abusive, nutcase that won’t let it go,” Chandler stated.

According to howardstern.com in a January 2015 article, Michael Phelps and Taylor Lianne Chandler hooked up via the app Tinder after the swimmer allegedly liked her photos in the social media tool. The pair eventually met up and even had sex when they were watching an American football game.

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In the same article, Taylor claimed that Phelps cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend and that ended the relationship.

“He has lied to the world about everything that happened surrounding that DUI. He could have very well lied to his family, but they were there when I was there the night of the DUI. He lied to all these women,” Chandler accused Michael Phelps in her Facebook post.

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