2016 Rio Olympics

Who is Team USA basketball’s next opponent? Americans could face Spain in quarterfinals

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Team USA basketball has expectedly topped their group in the men’s basketball competition at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The Americans have made the knockout quarterfinals round where they await their next opponent.

Three games are scheduled on Monday and the final placing in the group will be decided after the Nigeria vs. Brazil, Lithuania vs. Croatia and Spain vs. Argentina games.

Joining Team USA basketball in the next round in their group are Australia, France and Serbia. The crossover quarterfinals pit the first place in the group versus the last place in the other group and second vs. third.

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Group B Team Standings – 2016 Rio Olympics Men’s Basketball
Argentina – 3-1
Lithuania – 3-1
Spain – 2-2
Croatia – 2-2
Brazil – 1-3
Nigeria – 1-3

Monday’s Schedule – 2016 Rio Olympics Men’s Basketball
Brazil vs. Nigeria
Lithuania vs. Croatia
Spain vs. Argentina

Whoever loses in the Nigeria vs. Brazil match-up will be eliminated. The winner will have a chance of advancing to the next round depending on the results of the last two games on Monday.

If Nigeria wins, they hope that Croatia loses to Lithuania and they will advance to the next round. If Croatia wins over Lithuania, Nigeria will be eliminated.

If Brazil wins, they hope that Spain loses to Argentina and Croatia beats Lithuania to advance to the next round. If Lithuania wins over Croatia, there could be a three-way tie between Spain, Croatia and Brazil and the host country gets eliminated.

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The perfect scenario for basketball fans is that Nigeria beats Brazil, Argentina beats Spain and Croatia beats Lithuania. In this scenario, it’s going to be a Spain vs. Team USA in the quarterfinals and a battle between two of the top national teams in the world.

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