Pacquiao was not himself during Mayweather fight, analysts say

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Pacquiao and Bradley

Still after more than 6 months, fight fans are still talking about the Pacquaio Vs Mayweather match and had the speculation on what if Manny had good shoulder during the fight.

After the ‘fight of the century’ Mayweather went on to fight Andre Berto and call it quits. Many believe that Mayweather is not done with boxing.

“Floyd’s going to come back. Floyd loves making those big paydays. He makes so much money, it’s unbelievable,” said by HBO’s unofficial ringside scorer Harold Lederman.

“Maybe he wants to buy himself a new Jaguar, a Bugatti or whatever he drives these days. What’s he got now, something like 50 cars? He needs a couple more. A few for the Miami garage,” Lederman added.

Lederman feels that we didn’t see the best of what Manny Pacquiao can do in the ring mainly due to his injured shoulder.

Manny wasn’t Manny. He did have a bad shoulder. Maybe legally he can’t talk about it. A lot of people bet on Manny Pacquiao and it wasn’t what you might call a level playing field; Manny came into the fight with a bum shoulder. A lot of people knew it. But Manny wasn’t going to call the fight off, that’s for darn sure.”

As of this date, the rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather seemed dim but in any case it happens – a different Manny Pacquiao will come to the ring.

“When it comes to the rematch, Manny’s going to come in there ready to fight. It’s going to be a different Manny Pacquiao. He will attack him, he’s going to whack him, he’s going to turn, then he’s going to go the other way, do stuff that Floyd Mayweather’s never seen in his whole life.”

He didn’t do that in the first fight. He walked in and he was right in front of Floyd, and Floyd was able to hit him, do the shoulder roll, all the things he wanted to do. We never saw Manny Pacquiao turn Floyd Mayweather. Not once. He didn’t move in to the side, hit him, bang him, go the other way, go this way, go that way. That’s Manny’s game. Manny’s game is turning you. It’s very interesting to watch. I just watched tapes of Manny’s biggest victories, and you see the way he turns his opponents so that when they come back to hit him, he’s not there.”

With all the factors facing a rematch between Mayweather and Pacquiao, fans can only speculate. For Lederman, it is almost certain for him on his prediction.

Manny does that very well. It’s a tough style to fight. And he didn’t do it the first fight because of the fact that his thoughts were on the pain in his shoulder. If a guy is asking for a shot of Novocain, you know he’s hurt. And he was hurting. It’s going to be a different fight.”

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