Amir Khan believes he has winning formula to beat Canelo Alvarez

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Amir Khan

Amir Khan believes Floyd Mayweather’s mastery over Canelo Alverez roughly three years ago has given him the winning formula on how to beat a much larger Mexican in their May 7 showdown in Las Veags, Nevada.

“I don’t think there’s nothing crazy about taking this fight. Look, Canelo is the guy who lost to Floyd Mayweather .. a guy who is not a bigger puncher than me and a guy who is not probably quick as me. Mayweather is a great technician and a great fighter in the sense that he knows how to set a gameplan and stick to the game plan.”

“So obviously we know the blueprint to beat Canelo,” said Khan, who is gunning for the WBC and Ring Magazine middleweight titles in his first fight in that division.

Sources: Radio Rahim/Boxing Scene

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