Amir Khan looks buff in newest video two weeks before Canelo fight

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Canelo vs Khan (Photo courtesy: Twitter/amirkingkhan)

British boxer Amir Khan looks very buff in a video that surfaced on Monday courtesy of Sports View London. It coincides with a lot of photos surfacing in recent months on how much muscle the 29-year-old Khan has put on that can cause some to speculate the use of steroids.

You can watch the newest video of the 29-year-old boxer’s physique in the video below. Just put your thoughts in the comment box below on what you think about his weight gain and his chances of winning against Canelo Alvarez.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/SportsViewLondon

Nonetheless, there is no proof about his use of performance-enhancing substances but Khan has been accused several times in the past. In 2011, Roger Mayweather accused him of using steroids but it was never proven.

He was also criticized in 2013 for hiring Victor Conte, who was imprisoned in 2005 after pleading guilty to distributing banned steroids, as part of his team. Nonetheless, the two parted ways the next year.

“The advice he’s been giving me has been brilliant. I know he’s had a bad background and has done things he shouldn’t have,” Khan told BBC.

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In an interview with The Daily Mail, the British boxer said that he is in an intense training regime and strict diet to get to the 155-lb catchweight. He also expects to weigh the same as Canelo on the night of their fight.

“The way I’m building muscle and eating all the fats, carbs and proteins I like during training now means we both may weigh more or less the same on the night,” Khan said.

Video Courtesy: YouTube/MaxiNutrition

According to Boxing News and Views, Khan’s speed and lateral movement may phase out during the latter rounds. It would be a bad scenario for Khan since his Mexican opponent is known as a slow starter that warms up during the later rounds.

There are a lot of other question regarding Khan’s stamina and his resistance to punches thrown by a much bigger man. The two-time world champion is also notorious for having a glass jaw which will be tested against a heavy-hitter like Canelo.

Amir Khan will face Canelo Alvarez on May 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo courtesy: @amirkingkhan/Twitter

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