Andre Berto beat Victor Ortiz with a devastating fourth round knock out

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Andre Berto

It’s a rematch of their 2011 bout, where Andre Berto has stopped Victor Ortiz with two knockdowns in the fourth round On Saturday, avenging his loss in their first bout five years ago.

Berto (31-4, 24 Kos), who went down in the second round, has able to rebound ferociously and knock out Victor Ortiz in the fourth round of their bout on Saturday. Berto pinned down Ortiz the first time with a solid right uppercut, and Ortiz went down again after a barrage of punches.

The weary Ortiz has managed to crawl back to his feet, but Ortiz didn’t respond when asked if he wanted to continue, which led to referee Jack Reiss to stop the bout at 1:14 in the fourth round.

The avenging Berto returned to the bout in style after his one-sided loss to pound-for-pound champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. last year. Berto has lost his WBC welterweight title and his unbeaten streak Ortiz in their first bout. Berto went 3-3 in his six fights since.

Both fighters made a good fight in their first bout in 2011, where Ortiz and Berto knocked each other down twice and each flooring the other in the sixth round alone.

The loss was the fourth in six fights for Ortiz (31-6-2), who has struggled with injuries and inconsistent performances ever since his title-winning victory over Berto.

With this victory, Berto now have earned a shot later this year at Danny Garcia, the WBC welterweight champion who watched from ringside.

Both fighters have opened the rematch a bit more cautiously than their first meeting, but Ortiz got a dripping cut on his head in the first round. Ortiz bounced back and dropped Berto with a straight left hand in the second round, but Berto managed to stay firm. Berto responded with relentless barrage of big punches.

The bout really picked up in the second round as both fighters came out fast, each throwing and hitting power punches. Ortiz, a known southpaw, landed a straight left that put Berto on a sudden stop.

By round four, Berto has now in control of the bout, and was doing an excellent job of putting Ortiz off the ring. In this fourth round Berto has floored Ortiz for the first time with some quick combination. Ortiz, which still weary from the attack, has tried to get from with wobbly legs and Berto went on the follow up attack connecting with a series of power punches. Ortiz, which could no longer defend himself, has crashed into the ropes.

“Once he went down it was over, I knew he was hurt and I went right after him,” Berto said in a statement, via The Guardian. “He couldn’t take my power.”

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