Andre Ward on Sergey Kovalev rematch, ‘It’s no longer about the money’

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Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev, Floyd Mayweather
Andre Ward retirement, pulling off a Floyd Mayweather to avoid Sergey Kovalev

Boxing fans looked forward to the match between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev last November. It built a reputation as a highlight fight for 2016. It was the battle between two undefeated light heavyweight boxers with contrasting styles that intrigued analysts and followers alike.

In a way it still turned out to be an intriguing fight, but mainly for its controversial decision in favor of Andre Ward who got knocked down early on. As far as for how the fight itself unfolded, most fans believe Sergey Kovalev got the better of his opponent.

However, the judges gave a unanimous decision to Ward who worked his way back to the fight against Sergey Kovalev, as the latter faded toward the final round.

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Needless to say a rematch is warranted to find closure to the controversy. Sergey Kovalev exercised a rematch clause in the contract, but Andre Ward sends the whole bout in doubt as he reconsiders retirement.

Andre Ward no reason to fight anymore

“I’ve got to make some tough decisions over the next couple of months. Boxing isn’t a sport to play with. I’ve obviously been doing this for a long time and it just has to make sense. I think just collectively getting my team’s opinion and spend my time praying and talking to my wife. We’ll make the right decision,” Andre Ward told Rolling Stone.

In spite of the intrigue surrounding his latest win, he believes he’s done it all and is proud of it.

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“I really just got to take my time right now because I really don’t have to fight anymore I’ve accomplished pretty much everything that I’ve wanted to accomplish.

“It’s not about the money anymore, it’s just because God has blessed me to still have the ability to do it and I still love it.

Andre Ward insists he was victorious against Sergey Kovalev

Despite the calls for a rematch, and criticisms regarding his win as a robbery, Andre Ward vehemently believes there was no way Sergey Kovalev beat him.

“No way did Sergey Kovalev win by 3, 4, 5 points. I deserved win!” Andre Ward said in a report by BoxingScene.

However, Ward says a part of him still wants to silence Kovalev.

“You have to entertain (a rematch), and I would love to put my stats on in such a way that there isn’t a conversation about who won an who lost,” Andr Ward said.

“Proving something to people is a tricky thing to get involved in. If we did the rematch it would be more just to silence Kovalev and silence his team and to just put a stamp on the rivalry we had. It would be more of a personal thing to me. But the element of people and media having an opinion, that’s never going to change.”

“I accept that 100 percent. It would be more to put a stamp on that and send a message to his team that the first fight really happened and here we are, we did it again.”

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Video courtesy: Youtube/KnockoutExtra

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