Boxing cheats? Australian referee, who has wife as judge, accused of cheating Filipino boxer in Melbourne match

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A boxing championship match in Melbourne, Australia was marred by bad decisions by the judges and referees, all of whom appeared to be biased in favor of Omari Kimweri, who got the win over visiting Filipino boxer Petalcorin in a flyweight bout on Saturday.

The official verdict was a split decision win for Kimweri, who resides in Deer Park, Victoria, Australia and was born in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. This despite four knockdowns suffered at the hands of the boxer from the Philippines, Petalcorin.

The referee of the bout, Malcolm Bulner suspiciously did not call official knockdowns for the Filipino in the seventh round even though Kimweri struggled to get up and was caught in the ropes as Petalcorin landed a barrage of punches on the Tanzanian in the boxing match.

“I saw 4 knockdowns, clear ones myself. Why would the referee not call it a knockdown, and then why would he push Randy away and ask Kimweri if he’s OK? What rulebook is that from?,” Peter Maniatis, one of the managers for Petalcorin, said in an article by Ryan Songalia via

“Many who viewed footage of the fight are calling it hometown officiating and highway robbery,” Songalia said in his article.

The official scorecard was 115-112 for Kimweri and 114-113 for Petalcorin. According to the same Rappler article, one of the judges was Samantha Bulner, the wife of the referee.

The Filipino boxer’s team said that it will officially file a protest with the World Boxing Council (WBC), the official boxing organization which sanctioned the fight.

Watch the controversial knockdowns, which weren’t called by the referee in the boxing match in Australia below:

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