Boxing News: Adrian Broner calls out Floyd Mayweather after controversial win

Adrien Broner defeated Ashley Theopane via technical knockout (TKO) in the 9th round of their boxing match on Saturday at D.C. Armory, Washington, D.C in the United States and immediately called out rival Floyd Mayweather in the post-match interview.

Though Broner won the match, the WBA Super light welterweight title was taken away from him because of failure to make the needed weight. Ricky Burns and Michele Di Rocco will be now given the chance to grab the title in their bout on May 21.

In the 4th round of the fight, Broner landed a right uppercut to Theopane which caused him to distance from his opponent. Broner was unable to corner Theopane and finish him off due to lack of speed resulting for the latter to survive the round.

In the 9th round, Adrien Broner landed again a right uppercut followed by hard left hand that seemed to be a low blow which caused Theopane to signal about the foul play. However, due to confusion, Luis Labon, the official referee of the fight, thought that Theopane wanted the fight to be stopped, leading him to conclude the fight 1:10 remaining in the round.

The result of the fight draws different reaction in social media, specifically on Twitter, where most of them seems to be very disappointed with the referee’s decision. Some of the fans showed respect to Theopane for his sportsmanship and professionalism. However, some people believes that the outcome of the match would still be in favor of Broner labelling him as a better tactician over Theopane.

Mayweather was noticed in the crowd clapping and smiling upon hearing Broner which is most likely inviting him for a boxing match whether it is just a sparring or a real fight.

As per reported at, Floyd Mayweather labelled Adrien Broner as “snake” and said that he is not good enough to be a pay-per-view fighter.

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